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Patrick is in. Okay, he’s more than just “in.” When I asked if he wanted to be our lookout on the copper mission, I thought he’d burst out of his skin, he was that proud! As a brainy kid, late in catching on to the horsey things his friends could do practically from birth, I bet no one ever asked him to do something daring and dangerous before.

Not that this will be dangerous for him, of course. No way would I endanger a kid. In Unitas, we never did that to children, and I’m not about to start now. Patrick will be safe at all times, as long as he follows directions and doesn’t do something dumb.

I spent a long time tonight explaining what we would be doing and going over the basic rules of being a lookout. Patrick actually took notes, like he was in school! Well, if it will help him remember, I suppose I have no problem with it. But it sure is a world away from the way I learned.

Not much else is happening around here. Lee is acting all funny again, and says to expect his signal within the next forty-eight hours. I’ve always hated waiting. Flecha knows something is up, and I think she’s as impatient as I am for whatever it is to all be over.

Sweet Flechita, it won’t be long now. Soon we’ll have telephones!


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