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About Diana's Diary

This blog is a work of fiction. It is a continuation of the second novel in my trilogy set in a speculative future in which resource wars and economic collapse have so weakened the federal government that certain regions have seceded, only to become enmeshed in their own internal squabbles over land, water, minerals and other local resources.

The purpose of this diary is to help me clarify my thoughts on what happens to Diana (Nuñez) Channing after she leaves her family, declares herself finished with the local wars, and strikes out on her own. Although I have no plan for her to figure in the trilogy's third novel, tenatively titled Waterbearer, Diana's fate is crucial to several plot lines and she has so far resisted all of my attempts to tell her what to do. This is her chance to do for herself and tell me about it.

This diary has a second purpose, perhaps as important to me as the first. It is intended as a commentary on the world of my novels, as well as an opportunity to show that world through "Diana's" photographs and "drawings."

Finally, this project is supposed to be fun. When the posts on this blog cease, we can probably assume Diana has managed to lose her diary somewhere along the way, perhaps dropping it in a river somewhere, or losing it in a mountain pass.

Maybe someone will find it and return it.


Blogger AlterinG Abhishek said...

nice concept..
ur inspiring me to write somethng in a similar way!!

2:32 AM  
Blogger Joan said...

I saw this link on absolutewrite.com.
This is good work. It kind of inspires me to write too. :)

11:32 PM  

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