Diana's Diary

My thoughts, travels and adventures.

Day Forty-Eight

I don’t know where Flecha is.

I told them not to put me in the cart. I told them I could ride, that I needed to get a message to Robert, that the pine needles were soft and I was okay, just cold, just thinking, but they wouldn’t believe me. They took Flecha, but I don’t know where. The cart was cold. There were lumpy things in it that bruised my skin. Everything hurt, even the blanket, even the sun.

They wanted to know my name, but I’m not stupid. They wanted to tell Will so he could marry me. I didn’t tell them anything.

They took Flecha. I don’t know where she is. I told the lady to tell Robert, but she acted like she didn’t know how. She gave me things to drink and said they’d make me well, but I’m not sick and those drinks were nasty. I think she’s trying to make me forget about Flecha. She doesn’t want me to go to Robert. She thinks Will should marry me and I should keep my baby, but I’m not raising a rapist’s child, and I’m not marrying Will again.

Besides, the baby is dead, and all children go to Heaven.

Where’s Robert? I told the lady to send for him.

She’s keeping me here and won’t let me leave. This room is too hot. She tried to put cold things on my skin and I had to fight her because those cold things hurt. She hates me, but I’ve never done anything to her. She gives me things to drink and says they’re good for me, but I know better. She’s trying to keep me from going to Robert.

Why won’t she tell me where Flecha is?

She’s stolen Flecha. I need to find her. I’ll go out the window. Robert will see me and laugh at me for not using the door.

It’s too hot in here. The quilt hurts. A cat came in and looked at me. He had evil eyes.

It’s too cold in this room. It’s Flecha’s fault. I told Will I don’t love him that way and I wasn’t raising a rapist’s child, but he won’t listen. He’ll make me marry him if he finds me, and Robert won’t understand and will hate me forever.

I’ll have to hide.

My clothes are burning my skin because the lady poisoned them, but she can’t keep me here. She can’t steal Flecha. I’m going to find her.

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Anonymous Alice Audrey said...

It's intriguing that all her hallucinations center on the people she left behind with no hint of what she's supposed to be racing toward. makes it look more like she's running away than trying to go to somewhere.

10:23 AM  

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